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With our laser machine we can offer laser engraving in different materials. We can, for example, engrave a photo or text on wood, acrylic, glass, leather or anodised aluminum.
Also selected materials such as Acrylic, foam and puff are excellent to cut in. The cutout is of very good quality and the end product can be used for many different purposes. eg stencils, different letters, keychains and the like.

Our machine park is equipped with a powerful 100w laser machine with a working area of 1300x900mm. The sides of the machine can be folded out, so even larger materials than the work surface can be fed through, in case the product has to be divided into several smaller sections. 

If you have an idea you want to realize, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss further and develop exactly the product you want.
If you already have a drawing on a product, you can send drawing files or image files in the following formats: .dxf, .plt, .dst, .ai, .svg, .jpeg, .png. Your files can be sent to us via e-mail or WhatsApp at info (at) or 044 04 6893 



Our CNC services for sign production are currently mainly suitable for plastic and wood materials, such as engraving of gift items and signs. For special milling orders, contact us via email, phone or come to our room and discuss what you want engraved.

Motherboard Installation


Is your computer running slow or not starting? We will repair your computer and review the error.

What is included in our computer service?

Review of the condition of the computer 
• Virus scanning
• Formatting and reinstalling the computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)
• Consultation
• Component byte
• mm


• Hourly charge 45
• Data backup
  60 €
• Installation of OS
  50 €
• Problem analysis 40 €
• Health check of the computer 40 €
• Cleaning the computer 30 €
• Program installation 15 €
• Components are charged separately

GPS Rental


Have you updated your Garmin or TomTom navigator with the latest maps?  We will update it easily for you, while you wait, even TomTom's built-in car navigators. The basic fee for the update service is 30 € euros, for navigators with maps older than 2013 Garmin and 2015 TomTom there is usually a fee for the map update. If you wish, we also update the navigator's speed cameras for an additional cost of 10 €

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